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Edema (Swelling)

What is Edema?

“Swelling” is clinically referred to as edema. It refers to an increase in fluid under the skin, often seen in the lower legs around the ankles and feet. Edema is very different from lymphedema, a condition involving swelling caused by a build-up of protein-rich fluid in the lymphatic vessels. Over time, if lymphedema is not treated, the affected area will continue to increase in size.

What Causes Edema?

Edema may be found in conjunction with sports injuries, hot weather, post-surgery, pregnancy, varicose veins, airplane travel, and standing or sitting for extended lengths of time. Sometimes there are underlying medical conditions that contribute to the presence of edema. If you have questions or concerns about swelling, have a medical professional evaluate you.

Using Compression Therapy

Compression stockings are especially helpful in reducing mild leg swelling. Compression garments should be worn during the day and taken off at bedtime.

Juzo offers support stockings and socks in a wide range of colors and styles that can be purchased over the counter. For moderate to severe swelling, your primary care provider may need to prescribe a stronger Juzo compression stocking or sock for you.

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