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What is lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a highly under-diagnosed condition that affects the lymphatic vessels, which are responsible for transporting protein-rich lymph fluid back into the circulatory system. When lymph vessels are unable to transport this fluid properly, a build-up occurs, resulting in swelling and the thickening of the skin.

Who is at risk?

If you have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiation treatment, lymph node removal, surgeries, infections, or trauma to the limbs, you may be at risk for developing lymphedema.

How can I tell if I have lymphedema?

A common indicator of lymphedema is indentations that do not immediately disappear after the skin has been depressed by the hand or fingers. This condition is usually found in the legs and arms; however, lymphedema can affect any region of the body. Many people with lymphedema are labeled over-weight, yet lymphedema is not about fat storage.

Using Compression Therapy

Although there is no cure, lymphedema can be managed. Wearing compression garments is one of the most important aspects of managing lymphedema. Compression garments are designed to keep a continuous pressure on the swollen/affected area to assist the drainage of fluid and minimize swelling.

If you’re concerned that you may have lymphedema, consult a trained MLD therapist or your primary care provider for a proper evaluation.

To learn more about lymphedema, click here.

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Lymphedema Stockings

Our Compression stockings are ideal for lymphedema patients. Stockings are specially designed for managing lymphedema symptoms. They are available in full tight, thigh-high, and knee-high styles. Our latex free garments are attractive; yet conceal the the working medical functions seamlessly. We carry six different products guaranteed to help manage signs of lymphedema.Click here to see our selection of Lymphedema Stockings.

Lymphedema Sleeves

Fashionable lymphedema sleeves are available in various colors. Our sleeves help improve lymphedema conditions and are perfectly knitted in various sizes for your arm. Available in seven different varieties, we're are giving our customers the ability to wear their confidence on their sleeve.Click here to see our collection of Lymphedema Sleeves.

Lymphedema Gauntlets

Elimination inner thumb seams, inserting flatly sewn seams and providing individual finger closure options offers customers complete comfort. With gauntlets, staying out of the way during daily activities is essential and our breathable, gentle material can easily slip on your hand for a perfect fit. The seven-gauntlet product line delivers lymphedema therapy all the way down to your fingertips. Click to see our collection of Lymphedema Gauntlets.

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