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Skin Sensitivities

Keeping your skin happy

If you have sensitive skin, it is important to know what materials are being used in your garment. All Juzo garments are breathable and soft against the skin. Juzo also offers specific materials for hypoallergenic needs.

Juzo garments are latex-free

With the increasing number of latex skin allergies being reported in recent years, the medical community has taken great steps to ensure a “latex-free” environment. Juzo has always believed in listening to the customer, which is why all Juzo garments are latex-free. Instead of rubber compression fibers, Juzo compression garments use high quality Lycra® fiber.

Juzo Silver garments

Made with 99.9% pure silver, X-STATIC® enhances products with permanent anti-odor and antimicrobial* performance.  It naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria in textiles, keeping odors in check.  X-STATIC® also has natural temperature regulating properties.

To learn more about Juzo Silver, click here.

Juzo FiberSoft™ Quality 

Our Exclusive FiberSoft™ manufacturing process involves micro-spinning every compression fiber with soft, protective threads to provide a comfortable, breathable, durable garment.

® X-Static is a registered trademark of Noble Fiber Technologies.
 *EPA regulated products containing X-STATIC® solely protect the finished product itself from microbial growth.