Juzo Size Charts

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Lower Extremity Medical Compression

           New Dynamic Cotton Sock for Men

           New Dynamic Max Size Chart

           Basic, Basic Casual, Basic Ribbed Stocking Size Chart

           New 15-20, 20-30 & 30-40mmHg Stocking Size Chart

           40-50 mmHg Stocking Size Chart

Lower Extremity Support/OTC

5070 Attractive Sheer OTC Support Stockings & Pantyhose

         5140 Attractive Sheer OTC Support Stockings & Pantyhose

         5800 Cotton Support Socks

         • OTC Pattern Support Sock Size Chart

         OTC Silver Sole & Pink Silver Sole Size Chart

         OTC 2000 15-20 mmHg Leggings

 Upper Extremity

         Arm Sleeve & Hand Gauntlet Size Chart 


         • Knee & Ankle Brace Size Chart


        • Ak & Bk Stump Shrinker Size Chart

Supension Sleeve Size Chart

Perometer Updates & Info



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