Juzo History

Giving People the Freedom to Move for More Than 100 Years

Juzo is more than 100 years old, but we like to think of ourselves as being 100 years young. We’ve accomplished quite a bit during the past 10 decades, including many industry “firsts” like switching from woven to knitted fabrics, adding silver fibers to our garments and incorporating computer technology into our production processes.

We have interesting story to tell and are proud to have led the industry in product innovation and customer satisfaction: from our very first factory in 1912 to our U.S. expansion to developing latex-free fabrics to installing a wind turbine and solar panels as part of our green initiative.

“Continuous support from our employees, dealers and medical partners has helped a great deal to make our company successful—without them, there is no company. We’ve earned their trust and support through our product expertise and quality craftsmanship. It’s about attention to detail. If a stocking sits in a drawer because it’s not comfortable to wear, it’s not going to help anyone.” Annerose Zorn, CEO of Juzo

Juzo Timeline

1912 - 1919

  • Julius Zorn begins, in 1912, as the compression stocking factory, “Funk and Viertel,” founded in Zeulenroda, East Germany, the "stocking capital" of the world.
  • In 1919 Julius Zorn expanded production with a new technique: knitting the stockings instead of weaving them.


  • Julius Zorn Jr., stepped into his father's footsteps and guided the company to further success.
  • The Zorn family business grew and with it, its reliance on the active support of motivated workers, proud to stand beside the Zorn family.


  • Julius Zorn began distributing products throughout the world.
  • In those days, mail was collected in small hay-wagons before being sent out.


  • During World War II, the Zorn family was forced to shut down its manufacturing facilities in East Germany.
  • In 1948 Hans-Julius Zorn, together with his wife Rosemarie, founded the new company as "Juzo®" in the Bavarian town of Aichach, Germany.
  • Required to wear a medical back brace his entire life, Hans knew the importance of patient comfort, product quality and therapeutic effectiveness.


  • The company had grown to more than 40 people on its staff.
  • The Zorn's put their ideas to practice and created their own underwear line.
  • "Juzo-Olymp" was a well known name during those days.


  • Juzo was the first compression therapy company to make latex-free garments.
  • Synthetic, non-rubber compression fibers are resistant to lotions, ointments, sunlight and heat, allowing garments to be machine washed and dried.


  • Hans-Julius Zorn looks to get a foothold in the American market.
  • Property was purchased in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
  • "Juzo" became incorporated.
  • Company stays on the cutting edge by implementing the use of computers known as "EDP".


  • Juzo expanded from Europe into the American Market and founded JuzoUSA, Inc. in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
  • In 1988, Annerose Zorn, daughter of Hans-Julius Zorn, took over the management functions of JuzoUSA.
  • JuzoUSA begins manufacturing compression garments for vascular and lymphedema needs in the United States.


  • During the 1990's Juzo implemented new technologies which increased efficiency and afforded Juzo many new possibilities.
  • Juzo starts educating healthcare professionals on the benefits of compression therapy through it Juzo Academy courses.


  • In 2000, Juzo built a new FiberSoft technology facility in Aichach Germany.
  • Juzo founded the Juzo Academy, North America, that offers national workshops and CEUs for dealers and medical professionals.
  • In 2004, Juzo became the first to knit high content silver into medical graduated compression garments .
  • On August 15th, 2005, Juzo USA, celebrated 25 years of manufacturing compression therapy garments.

Present Day

  • In 2010, Juzo uses fashionable colors and develops the Juzo Seasonal Colors concept.
  • Juzo installs a wind turbine and solar panels as part of its green initiative in 2011.
  • In 2012, Juzo celebrated its 100 year anniversary.
  • 2015 brought the production of Juzo Compression Wraps, an inelastic compression garment.
  • Also in 2015, Juzo developed their Juzo Print Series, compression therapy garments featuring select patterns and designs.

Supports movement to encourage physical activity - a key factor to living healthy and minimizing chronic disease.
Juzo compression garments are not made with natural rubber latex, making them ideal for people who suffer from latex allergies.
Juzo's exclusive FiberSoft® manufacturing process involves micro-spinning every compression fiber with soft, protective threads to provide a comfortable, breathable, durable garment.
X-STATIC® harnesses the power of silver to create a powerful technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabrics, eliminating human-based odor for the life of the garment. X-STATIC® is made by permanently bonding 99.9% metallic silver to the surface of a fiber.
Juzo's compression garment moves with you using fiber that stretches and recovers in both directions, crosswise and lengthwise.
Compression starts at distal end and gradually decreases as it moves up the limb. Graduated compression supports the management of Lymphedema or Venous Disease.
Easy to slip on and off. Machine wash and dry.
Casual and dress styles for men and women. Multiple print or color options, including seasonals. Great for work, home or play.
The major difference between a higher quality compression garment and a garment of lesser quality is the presence of an inlay thread, which provides a high level of compression consistency.
Made in the USA
Latex Free Compression Garments
Made with 99.9% Pure Silver
2-Way Stretch
Graduated Compression
EZ Wear & Care
All Day Fashion
Inlay Threads
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Call: 1-888-255-1300
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