Juzo's Commitment to Sustainability & Reducing Carbon Footprint

Juzo's Commitment to Sustainability

Patients and physicians around the world have come to trust Juzo as the leader in compression therapy and vascular health. And while our expertise certainly lies in managing the circulatory system through compression, we understand there are many other factors that can help enhance circulation, and overall health.

That’s why we’re implementing a new wind turbine and solar panels into our North American plant. By minimizing our carbon footprint, we’re able to reduce air contaminants known to weaken the circulatory system and contribute to lung and heart disease. This small, yet vital step is just another way we’re doing our part to enhance the well being of our patients, and our planet.

Green Improvements Outside:

Wind Turbine:

  • Installed in October 2011
  • 141.25 ft tall
  • 2 blades, monopole
  • Will generate 25,000 kw annually
  • Cables installed underground

Solar Array:

  • Installed in October 2011
  • 56 panels, ground-mounted
  • Will also generate 25,000 kw annually
  • Cables installed underground

White Membrane Roof:

Highly reflective roof reduces energy consumption (by lowering A/C cost) and carbon emissions.

Collection Pond:

Rooftop and parking lot runoff is retained, providing a natural eco habitat for local wildlife; also serves as an aesthetically pleasing area for employees to enjoy their breaks.


Reintroduced natural native northeast Ohio prairie land grasses that would have been native to this region over 100 years ago; landscaping is drought-resistant, and reduces erosion and the amount of irrigation needed; also helps prevent the spread of non-indigenous plant types that were introduced over the years; reduces maintenance costs.

Gravel Parking Lot:

Reduces run off and erosion. Reduces heat reflection and therefore much like the white roof reduces carbon emissions.

Green Improvements Inside:

Lighting System:

T-8 energy efficient motion sensor lights reduce energy consumption while providing more light output; system requires less energy than traditional fluorescent lighting.

Large Natural Windows:

Natural light not only reduces energy consumption, but it also improves employee morale and overall mental wellness.

Hands-Free Faucets and Hand Dryers:

These items have automatic sensors to reduce water and energy consumption as well as the waste produced by using traditional paper towels; also eliminates need for outside laundry services.

Electronic Invoicing(paperless):

Reduces paper and energy costs.

Recycling Programs:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Batteries
  • Cardboard
  • Light bulbs
  • Paper Plastic

Thermal Recovery:

-Process Water system uses dye process water and reclaims thermal energy to supplement heating costs for finished goods warehouse.
-Dyeing Process Waste Water System reclaims thermal energy from heated dye bath water to also supplement heating costs of raw goods warehouse.

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