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August 2022

Compression Advice from Juzo Champions

Multiple Juzo Champions

We are constantly inspired by how our Juzo Champions advocate for others and help raise awareness of conditions like theirs and ways to manage them. We asked a few what they know about compression now that they wished they’d learned sooner. We hope their advice will help others living with lymphedema, lipedema, venous disease or other circulatory conditions.

“I wish I would've known that compression was the key component to lymphedema progression. Although, I do have the unique perspective on preventative compression and reduction compression now that I have bilateral swelling. The fun part of compression is the fun colors Juzo offers. If you think about it, everyone should wear compression, whether they have lymphedema or not, so why not be the trend setter?! My must haves in addition to Juzo compression are the Juzo donning gloves and Kinesiology tape.” – Amy Rivera

Living with lymphedema includes compression for most patients after the gold standard treatment of complete decongestive therapy, unless there are personal contraindications to its use. It is critically important for all to understand how compression can be used as a tool in the LE toolbox to help manage against progression to later stages of the disease and to help reduce complications such as cellulitis and ulcers or wounds. Lymphedema developed in my legs almost 30 years ago. I did not understand the significance of compression until 2014, but knowledge is power. Empower your journey with education on compression. You have the potential to advocate and take back your quality of life with less pain in proper fitting compression garments. As the Patient Services Director at LE&RN, I speak to many fellow patients on a weekly basis who have just been diagnosed and share this exact same message. Visit our LE&RN Virtual Expo and LE&RN Symposium Library for more educational materials to read or view at your own pace. Then talk to your certified lymphedema therapist about what might be appropriate for your situation. You are not alone. Join the fight! Onward and upward!” – Veronica P. Seneriz

“I wish I would have known that the process of decongestion, measurements and ordering custom garments takes time. I was initially frustrated that I was finished with decongestion phase, but I still had to wait nearly a month for the custom garments to be made and arrive. I also wish I would have known about the Juzo donning gloves a bit earlier. I found out about these about a month ago… game changer! Compression 4 Life!” – Lindsey Sosovec

“I’ve worn Juzo since 2007, because the garments help me keep my mobility, by moving the lymph fluid out of my legs and easing my pain. The biggest thing I wish I knew earlier about my Juzo dynamic compression knee highs was that washing them in the washing machine was preferred to hand washing. Can you picture all those wet knee highs hanging around my shower before I learned this valuable info. (LOL)? One thing I love is all the fun fashionable colors, because when I first started wearing them, the choices were black or tan.” – Pattie Cornute

“I live in Florida, and I was told I needed to wear compression stockings in August - our hottest, stickiest time. Temperatures are consistently over 90 degrees and the air feels like soup. It’s a time to wear breezy sundresses and sandals, not thick stockings. I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to go outside again without absolutely roasting! Open-toe compression stockings were my greatest discovery. I can wear all of my sandals, including flip-flops, with my compression garments. And I stay much cooler.That keeps me smiling even on the hottest days.

Another great tip is to keep a box of surgical gloves on hand. My vein doctor taught me that. The gloves make it so much easier for me to get my compression garments on! I’m not sure exactly why, but they do the trick. Good compression garments are an investment, so you want to protect them. With surgical gloves, I’ve never punctured or damaged my stockings while putting them on.

Lastly, I wish I’d realized how much better compression garments would make me feel. When I wear my compression stockings, I have a lot more stamina. I’m ready for anything, from a full day at a theme park to a long day of travel. I can keep going and going. They’re rejuvenating for me. I actually encourage my friends who don’t technically require compression garments to try compression socks. They’re fabulous for workouts or anytime you’ll be on your feet.” – Cindy Matthews

“I wish I knew when I was first given a pair of compression that it would get better and easier with time. My ability to use things like the Juzo Slippie Gator and donning gloves would help and prevent tears in the stocking. Also, I now know I need to be patient ‘breaking in’ my garments. My condition can make it painful when you first put on compression or even after a long day of being on your feet. In time, you learn how to elevate when possible, avoid certain clothing they may cause friction with your skin and more. In managing my lymphedema, I wear some form of compression daily, from socks to knee highs to my glute level panty hose. In being compliant with my care, I can literally make the difference if I will run, walk or move the next day without pain. We all know that is a ‘make or break’ in our day-to-day lives."— Morgan Ramos

Watch Joi-Louise Hall’s YouTube video about what she’s learned about quality medical compression garments, especially how they compare to less expensive options you find online.

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