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Expert Silver Compression Arm Sleeves for Lymphedema

Knitted with X-STATIC silver

The Juzo Silver Expert Arm Sleeve. Comfortable, dense knit, seamed flat knit garment that works hard to contain edema. Knitted with X-STATIC silver for antimicrobial benefits. X-STATIC® solely protects the finished product itself from microbial growth.

Notice: Juzo Silver Garments should be removed prior to MRI Scans & Cardiac Defibrillations.


  • Models: 3021SV, 3022SV & 3023SV
  • Styles: Arm Sleeve & Arm Sleeve with Shoulder Cap
  • Sizes: Made to any shape or size
  • Lengths: Made to any length
  • Compressions: 18-21, 23-32 & 34-46 mmHg
  • Standard Colors:



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