Self Care Tips to Optimize Compression Therapy

DIY Self Care Tips to Optimize Compression Therapy

Wash and dry your compression garment daily.
Many people think cleaning garments in a washer and dryer will reduce the life, but this can actually extend it. Also, having clean garments is best for your skin. Regular washing gets rid of sweat and old skin cells caught in the garments. Juzo garments are machine washable, and you can put most in the dryer. Read the blog post on how to properly care for your garment.

Learn how to properly don and doff your compression garment.
There are many methods to help you with donning and doffing, regardless of your age, flexibility or strength. Make sure you have donning gloves to help you put on your garment and properly adjust it. Watch these videos for other tips.

Wear compression all day.
Your body is moving blood and fluid 24/7. When you notice swelling (even minimal), it shows your need for consistent compression. Compression can keep your swelling under control, so you can continue to be active and do the things you love – whether that’s playing with grandkids, cycling or doing yoga.

Tell your fitter, therapist or dealer if your compression garment is not comfortable.
Compression garments should not be painful to wear. They need to act like a second skin. There is no reason you should be in pain or have to adjust them every hour. If you are having issues, find an authorized Juzo dealer in your area to help.

Replace your garments and get measured every six months.
Just because your garment may still fit tightly after six months or longer does not mean that they properly fit or offer the necessary containment. Juzo garments are excellent quality, but the fibers can lose “proper” and consistent compression after six months. Also, over time your size and compression level can change, so make sure you get measured and consult with your fitter or therapist.

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