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February 2024

Compression and Lipedema

Paula Donahue, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, MBA

Paula Donahue, PT, DPT, MBA, CLT-LANA, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Physical Therapist Level IV at Vanderbilt Dayani Center for Health and Wellness. She specializes in the treatment of lymphedema, lipedema and oncology rehabilitation and engages in related clinical care and research. Paula advised Juzo during the development of the new Juzo Sensation medical compression garments that help manage lipedema-related symptoms. She explains how compression helps those impacted by the disease in the article below.

When textured “micromassage” compression fabric became available, I had my doubts on its ability to adequately address situations of actual swelling any better than other nontextured light compression garments (i.e., non-medical grade compression that is less than 20mmHg). Over the years, my patients revealed their positive experiences from the use of this micromassage material for the management of their swelling.

When lighter compression is clinically appropriate, it has been fascinating to witness the potential impact this textured material may have on lymphatic flow. How might it do this? This textured fabric has a firm yet gentle grasp on the skin which may provide added stimulation of the lymphatics through repeated subtle “micro” skin stretches during regular movement.

It is important to note that compression needs vary greatly from person to person and with edema severity. That being said, micromassage fabric may be quite helpful to those living with lipedema, especially those who notice a heavy tired feeling in the legs by the end of the day or find comfort when lipedema tissue is more supported through compression.

The Standard of Care for Lipedema in the United States provides compression guidelines, which include the potential use of micromassage material for Lipedema stages 1-3. The stretchy textured material offers more forgiving options to contour the various shapes of the legs, hips and buttocks, which can be prominent in lipedema. With lower body compression, it is typically important to use full lower body compression (i.e., forefoot to waist compression) to prevent accidental fluid collection in the lower parts of the legs and feet. Because of gravity, some people may benefit from higher levels of compression at the lower legs which could mean pairing medical grade compression knee highs with Capri micromassage garments to achieve adequate full lower body coverage.

Juzo has seen the growing benefit of the use of textured micromassage material, so they recently started making their own micromassage garments—Juzo Sensation. Available as pantyhose or capri garments with 15-20mmHg, the garments come in an array of sizes to meet the vast needs of those with lipedema who may have larger ankle, calf, hip and buttock size needs. For added comfort, Juzo put a high comfortable waist band to give the user more of a yoga pant experience, and their gluteal (buttock) panel design provides reinforced compression in this region.

If you need light compression for comfort or reduction of heaviness in the legs and ankles by the end of the day, it may be worth it to give micromassage a try. When compression garments are working sufficiently, you should not notice increased swelling or heaviness after wearing it all day. Using this as a rule of thumb, people can self-assess how their compression is doing for the management of their symptoms.

Learn more about the new Juzo Sensation lipedema garments on Designed to effectively manage lipedema related symptoms, Sensation garments provide the utmost comfort—helping to support and shape, lessen pain and improve mobility.

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Lacie commented on Jul 15, 2024

I’m so grateful for the Sensation line! It’s the only thing that has worked for me and I hope you add arm compression to this line. I do struggle with the foot piece being too long on my short length full/ open toe garments. If I pull them up a little higher to get the foot part to be short enough, the textured compression goes up too high and I swell in the lower leg . I hope you consider making footless leggings out of this material. Many of us can do without the foot part and other brands make them without feet. Thanks again!

Juzo replied to Lacie on Jul 16, 2024

Hello Lacie, Thank you for the feedback. We are excited to tell you that we offer the Sensation in a capri and a compression shorts option to go along with the open-toe pantyhose. You can view the available styles by going to the Lipedema Products section of our website and selecting the Sensation product.

Francine commented on Feb 27, 2024

Is it possible to get these leggings with an open crotch. I have severe arthritis in my hands so it’s hard to keep pulling them up/down.

Jan Cunningham commented on Feb 23, 2024

Where can i find these!!!! Do you have micromassage for arms and legs?

Juzo replied to Jan Cunningham on Feb 27, 2024

Hi Jan. As of now, Juzo Sensation is only available for the lower extremities. You can use our dealer locator to find a Juzo-certified dealer who can assist you in fitting and purchasing the garment.


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